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When can normal activity begin again ?

The moment a patient leaves the clinic, they may resume normal daily activity. It is important for patients to remember to not overexert themselves for a few days, as the body is still healing.


Will insurance cover treatments ?

DIOWAVE Laser therapy™ may not be covered by insurance plans. If insurance does not cover the cost of treatments, there are affordable payment plans available.



What advantage does DIOWAVE high dose Laser Therapy™ have over other forms of treatment?

DIOWAVE Laser Therapy™ does not require the use of drugs or surgery, and there are no dangerous side effects or risks.  In addition, DIOWAVE Laser Therapy™ provides enhanced treatment outcomes faster than any other treatment modality.


How is DIOWAVE Laser Therapy™ better than
“Cold Laser Therapy” treatments?

Cold Laser Therapy (or LLLT - Low Level Laser Therapy) was introduced into the USA in 2001 with low power levels. This type of therapy has a limited ability to penetrate and deliver an adequate dosage of healing energy.  Diowave HDLT will deliver a significantly greater dosage of healing energy, ultimatley leading to deeper penetration with better and faster outcomes.

How Many Treatments Are Needed?

The DIOWAVE 60W Laser Therapy™ produces results quickly. For most ACUTE conditions 10-12 treatments is all that is needed. CHRONIC conditions take longer and might require 12-20 treatments. While these are the averages, each person is unique and healing time varies by person and condition.  For those with lifelong conditions your doctor may recommend 1 or 2 follow-up treatments each month.


Is DIOWAVE Laser Therapy™ safe without side effects ?

Laser Therapy has been in use for over thirty years around the world.  There have been almost no side effects reported. Occasionally some old injuries or pain syndromes may feel aggravated for a few days, as the healing response becomes more
active after a laser treatment.


How long will the treatment take ?

Depending on the condition, treatment times for this drug-free, non-invasive procedure will last on average 10-15 minutes but is based on the size of area, depth of penetration needed and condition being treated.


Will the treatment hurt ?

Most patients notice a warm, often soothing feeling. There is no pain associated with a treatment.  Many patients experience pain relief, reduced muscle tension and tightness, reduced inflammation, and improved range of motion even after the 1st visit.


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